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25. New Genomic Techniques EU Proposal: legal framework and enforcement challenges

Hosting MEPs: Ms. Irène Tolleret, Ms. Michaela Šojdrová, Mr. Pietro Fiocchi


July 5, 2023 - 17:00


July 5, 2023 - 19:00

New Genomic Techniques EU Proposal: legal framework and enforcement challenges


5 July 2023
17.00-19.00 CET
European Parliament – ASP 1H1


On the same day on which the European Commission will publish its legislative proposal on plants developed with certain
New Genomic Techniques (“NGTs”), namely targeted mutagenesis and cisgenesis), the European Food Forum will convene
an open debate session to discuss topics relevant for the consensual adoption of the NGT's regulatory framework.

With breeding and selection expected to be quicker and more precise, NGTs are poised to be a valuable instrument in the
farmers' toolbox, in addition to consolidated and emerging green farming practices (IPM, agroecology, precision farming,
etc.). The speakers will debate on the potential of NGTs to counter epochal challenges related to climate change,
sustainability, and food security.

However, there is still the need to evolve the conversation around aspects which could condition the successful acceptance
and use of NGTs.

The EFF event will touch upon various aspects of the debate on NGTs:

  • How to provide access to technology to all farmers?
  • Will the new regulatory framework ensure reasonable approval times to plants developed with NGTs?
  • How to ensure freedom of choice all along the food supply chain from seeds to fork?
  • Can NGTs operate in the interest of sustainable and resilient food systems?
  • Can they support farmers in securing agricultural output in times of extreme weather conditions and climate disasters?
  • Can a guarantee of transparency deliver broad acceptance of the use of NGTs?
  • How to inform consumers and customers without generating neophobia?


Hosting MEPs:
Ms. Irène Tolleret – EFF Chair – here her speech
Ms. Michaela Šojdrová – here her speech
Mr. Pietro Fiocchi – here his speech
Erika Staël von Holstein – Chief Executive


Did you miss the event?

Watch here the recording!

You can also read the speeches:

Petra Jorasch

Corrado Finardi

Oana Dima

Bernd Van Der Meulen

Luc Vernet

Mute Schimpf

Mariana Rinaldi


Here the complete program:

Eff Event New Genomic Techniques EU Proposal 5 july 2023

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