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4. European Food Safety Standards and pesticides: Status

What role do plant protection products play in food production? And what is the impact on European Food Standards in particular Food Safety?


June 22, 2020 - 11:00


June 22, 2020 - 13:00

European Food Safety Standards and pesticides


The Commission’s Green Deal sets out ambitious goals of climate neutrality and sustainable food production for the EU.

The Farm to Fork strategy foresees the “need to reduce dependency on pesticides and antimicrobials, reduce excess fertilisation, increase organic farming, improve animal welfare, and reverse biodiversity loss.”

To embark on this transition, it’s important to reflect on where we are at now, especially in light of covid-19 impacting the resilience of our food system. One of the big debates in Europe at the moment surrounds food production, in particular, the way in which producers protect their crops.

The European Food Forum would like to ask:  what role do plant protection products play in food production? And what is the impact on European Food Standards in particular Food Safety?

From the primary users of plant protection products, our farmers, to the consumer who chooses what to eat, the European Food Forum will provide a snapshot and debate on our current European food standards.

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Hosting MEPs:
Mr. Brando Benifei
Mr. Michele Rivasi
Mr. Nicolae Ștefănuță
Ms. Irene Tolleret


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