European Food Forum

11. EU Farm to Fork Fireside chat on 2021 actions

Event hosted by: MEP Mr. Franc Bogovič, MEP Ms. Isabel Carvalhais, MEP Ms. Alessandra Moretti, MEP Ms. Marlene Mortler, MEP Ms. Christine Schneider, MEP Ms. Irene Tolleret


January 14, 2021 - 10:00


January 14, 2021 - 12:00

From Sustainability standards to the labelling of food, The EU Farm to Fork Strategy is the most ambitious policy vision the Commission has ever formulated for the European Food Sector. Various stakeholders active in food have been asking for coherent rules, an enabling business environment and a sharper focus on sustainability and health and nutrition; the 27 initiatives the Strategy intends to put forward before the end of 2023  are meant to deliver just that. But to fulfill its ambition, the Commission will need to address two challenges: Coherence among different priorities within a very complex food system environment and securing the support of Member States in a period of time where a national approach to food is more politically appealing.

Our exchange of views on F2F at EFF with Directors from the key DGs  and the Trio EU Council Presidency (Germany, Portugal, Slovenia) will take stock of the launch and the initial reactions to outline and discuss the strategy of the Commission to further pursue its F2F goals in 2021.