European Food Forum

29. Digitalization in Food Environment

Hosting MEPs: Mr. Brando Benifei


February 20, 2024 - 15:00


February 20, 2024 - 17:00

Digitalization in Food Environment


20 February 2024
15.00-17.00 CET


Digitalization is disrupting the agri-food sector all along the value chain from farm to fork, from production, to processing, distribution and consumption. At the same time, the EU Green Deal recognized the potential of the digital transformation as a key enabler for reaching its climate and environmental objectives.

The event will explore the role of digital technologies, including the internet and AI, in shaping how agri-food players and stakeholders can collect, use and share information and data to redefine food production, processing, distribution and consumption in multiple but interconnected ways, to promote the transition to sustainable food systems:

• The role of digital technology in agriculture, to improve the performance and sustainability of farming practices, and support the livelihood of farmers

• The collection of data to monitor and measure the environmental and climate footprint of food products, and the use of digital solutions to ensure transparency and traceability along the supply chain

• The role of digital technology in the transformation of the retail sector

• Internet and social media as a source of information and advice influencing consumer behaviours, diets and choices connected with food (purchase, consumption, waste)


Key Questions:

• Is the EU ready to reap the benefits of digitalization in the agri-food sector, and manage the potential risks and trade-offs? Are
Europeans ready to embrace the digital future of food?

• How can the use of digital tools improve transparency, traceability, responsible production and consumption in the agri-food sector?

• What is the impact of the internet and social media on consumer behaviour, in the context of the transition to sustainable food systems? What are the key factors to ensure that they have a positive impact?



Hosting MEPs:
Mr. Brando Benifei


Download here the event program

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