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28. Taking stock of the Farm to Fork Strategy: Reflecting, Rethinking, Rebuilding

Hosting MEPs: Ms. Irène Tolleret


January 31, 2024 - 10:00


January 31, 2024 - 12:00

Taking stock of the Farm to Fork Strategy: Reflecting, Rethinking, Rebuilding


31st January 2024
 10.00-12.00 CET


Almost four years ago, the European Commission published its Farm to Fork Strategy, a cornerstone of the Green Deal, aimed at transforming the European agri-food sector. However, progress in implementing this vital strategy has been limited, and significant points of contention have arisen. The polarization surrounding this topic has hindered the EU to move forward on key legislative files.

As the European elections are around the corner, this event takes stock of the agri-food policies that had been proposed and/or implemented under the Farm to Fork Strategy and related strategies. Stakeholders from along the whole agri-food value chain and other interested parties will reflect on the building blocks of the green transition of the agri-food sector, including the Regulation on the Sustainable Use of Pesticides, the Nature Restoration Law, the Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive, and the Sustainable Food Systems Framework. Based on this stocktake, we will look ahead and discuss the future of European agri-food.

Speakers and the audience will discuss the following questions: What have been drivers, challenges and obstacles in the successful implementation of the green initiatives? How can the EU effectively overcome obstacles that hinder the transition of the agri-food sector towards more sustainable practices? How should the European Commission move forward on the “Farm to Fork” ambition? And what should be the priorities for the next legislative period?

This event will also focus on how to promote an open and constructive dialogue that includes the diverse voices of the farming community and explore synergies across the supply chains to support the farmers’ financial transition, in order to ensure that environmental sustainability does not come at the cost of economic viability.



Hosting MEPs:
Ms. Irène Tolleret – EFF Chair


Download here the event program

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