[u_heading]Other Members ( Business, Civil Society and Public Authorities Members)[/u_heading]
Considering the vast variety of actors involved in the agri-food system and the concerns and aspirations of European consumers, farmers and companies, the European Food Forum considers essential a balanced representation of all the stakeholders. With a vision to ensure all actors in the food ecosystem are represented, the European Food Forum EFF Members can include MEPs, farmers, food and beverage companies, food retail and food service companies, European/national federation and sectorial associations, Civil Society Organizations, research and academic institutions, Public Agencies.
It is for this purpose that the Membership is structured as follows:
  1. Effective Members: Members of the European Parliament (MEPs)
  1. Other Members:
    • Business Members:
      • Large companies
      • SME
      • Food, Agriculture and Retail associations
      • Sector Association
    • Public Institutions and Civil Society Members
      • Civil Society Organizations
      • Universities, Research and Innovation Centers
      • Public Agencies
      • International Institutions.
Membership fees
Effective Members:  Members of the European Parliament: No fees
Other Members:
Business Members:
  • Standard fee: Euros 10.000
  • Small & medium sized* enterprises: Euros 2.000 (*as per EU recommendation 2003/361, companies with less than 250 employees on their payroll, an annual turnover not exceeding 50 million euros and/or an annual balance sheet total not exceeding 43 million euros, and no more than one third of their capital owned directly or indirectly by a larger company.)
  • Food, Agriculture and Retail associations:
    • standard fees Euro 5.000
    • associations with an annual budget below Euro 300.000: Euro 2.500
  • Sector Association:
    • standard fees Euro 5.000
    • associations with an annual budget below Euro 300.000: Euro 2.500

Public Institutions and Civil Society Members

    • Universities, NGO’s Research and Innovation centers and Agencies representing non- commercial interests or having no corporate members: Euro 500
NB: law firms, consultancy companies and other professional services firms are not eligible for membership.

Your application will be received by the Secretariat and reviewed by the Steering Committee as soon as possible. You will be contacted shortly.



Dear Mrs. THUN, MEP and EFF chair,


Please accept our formal application for membership in the European Food Forum.


We hereby confirm that:

– We are fully aware of the character, purpose and governance of the EFF as set out in its Statutes;

– We fully endorse and subscribe to the purpose and objectives of the Forum, as set out in Article 3 of the Statutes, and understand that failure to respect them can result in termination of membership;

– We understand and accept the membership structure and fee policy of the Forum, and are fully prepared to acquit fees applicable to us as determined by the EFF Steering Committee and in accordance with the Statutes.

– We understand that our membership with all attendant rights and obligations commences upon communication of acceptance of this application by the EFF Steering Committee.

Please find hereafter the  requested information concerning our organisation.

Sincerely yours,