European Food Forum

20. From Food to packaging: Sustainable packaging for the safety and quality of food

Event Hosted by: MEP Franc BOGOVIĆ, MEP Christine SCHNEIDER and MEP Irene TOLLERET


October 27, 2021 - 11:00


October 27, 2021 - 13:00

On its way from farm to fork, our food comes into contact with many different materials and products, such as plastic packaging, paper wraps, kitchen utensils or ceramic tableware. These Food Contact Materials (FCMs) are regulated by the EU to uphold general safety principles with regards to migration into food in order to mitigate risks for consumer health.

The Farm to Fork Strategy announces a revision of EU FCM legislation, with an aim to improve food safety and public health, to support the use of innovative and sustainable packaging solutions, and to contribute to food waste reduction. The European Commission is expected to present a legislative proposal in 2023, and as part of the ongoing evaluation of key legislative elements, the European Food Forum would like to facilitate discussion with key stakeholders from the European Parliament, European Commission, the European Food Safety Authority, Member States, industry, academia and civil society, with the objective of discussing how to ensure the safety and sustainability of the FCMs.

In the spirit of the European Food Forum’s mission to foster dialogue and debate on the issues that matter, the two hour debate will encourage an open sharing of perspectives from all participants.